Drew - I stumbled upon your web site through a link from a recent TR. As an avid hiker and photographer I have seen and taken many photos of these mountains but yours are some of the best - absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing.
Drew I saw your work in Woodstock yesterday. We talked about the lighthouses in Maine. I love your work! Thanks for taking so much time to talk with me.
You're night shot are awesome!
Steph Green(non-registered)
Your images are stunning! I had no idea of this hidden talent of yours. I'm so happy that you are sharing your work with the world. I look forward to seeing more.
Charlotte Groves(non-registered)
the photos are beautiful. It is another gift to enjoy the wonder of nature.
Drew, You're photos are wonderful. You definitely have a photographer's eye.
Susan Watkins(non-registered)
These are so beautiful!!
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